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How Much Does a Handyman Service Cost?

Need help finding a local handyman service? We can help. We don't want you to have to take the typical approach of having to call around to several different handyman contractors, tell them what you need, and schedule appointments. Who knows if the handyman you call will even be interested in doing the work for you.

Using a matching service, such as ours, is often an easier way to approach the problem. Efficiently, you can tell us what you need and submit a request.

A handyman who is interested in your work will give you a call, discuss your need, and provide you a cost estimate. Typically, three to four contractors are notified so that you can get multiple price quotes.

We would not recommend submitting your information to multiple matching services. If you do, you will be overwhelmed with phone calls (because each service will attempt to match you to several local handyman services).

If you do use our service, here are some helpful pointers that may make your choice a bit easier.

1. Be prepared to ask questions. Writing down your questions is a good tip.

2. Interview the professional on the phone when they contact you and then consider the following: Did you like what you heard? Did they sound professional? Were they courteous?

3. Ask the contractor to direct you to their website. There may be reviews that will be helpful in determining if other customers have found the professional easy to work with.

4. Request proof of licencing and insurance and make certain they are up to date.

5. Request a written price quote or cost estimate with all of the tasked written out for you to see. Request that all items you discussed are listed.

6. Take the cost estimate and compare it to other estimates you have received. Are you getting a good value?

7. Remember, choosing the cheapest handyman is not always your best choice. Sometimes selecting a professional you like, and paying a little more, will make you happier in the end. Also, the less expensive company may not be able to get it done in the time frame you expect. Usually price is a function of task, quality, and speed.

We wish you luck. If we can help you, fill out our short questionaire and we'll get to work.
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Receive free cost estimates from handyman services for repair, installation, painting, electrical, and plumbing projects...
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